Teammate of the Week


Teammate of the week is Olivia, age 16. Olivia has been all star cheering for 11 years, 6 years with Fierce. She got into cheer when she was five years old because she didn’t want to do gymnastics but liked tumbling. Olivia’s favorite part about allstar cheer is the strength the sport gives you mentally and physically. Another favorite part are the bonds she has made with her teammates. Olivia has learned her round off handspring tuck and layout skills and is currently working on drills for her full. Olivia attends Cardinal Newman High School. Some words of encouragement Olivia has for the younger athletes is to always push yourself even when you feel like giving up because the outcome is always so rewarding. Olivia has cystic fibrosis which creates quite a challenge with her endurance but she has learned how to handle it and control it. We are so proud of this girl for her leadership and friendship. We love you Olivia!